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Sid Hedayati has been at the same location for nearly 30 years, serving delicious home-style cooking at reasonable prices.

"Cooking natural hormone-free chicken over an open rotisserie fire gives it a great flavor," he says.

Chicken Plus offers a wide variety of Greek and American appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, main dishes and desserts, along with a varied selection of beer and wine.

Sid also carries several fish dishes, such as salmon and catfish, all freshly-caught in the wild (not farm-raised).

"Price-wise you get good fish at a price you can't get anywhere else," he says.

All dishes at Chicken Plus are cooked to order. When you order fried zucchini or French fries, the cooks will be slicing the zucchini or potatoes up fresh in the kitchen.

For an all-around great dining experience, Chicken Plus is your best bet!

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